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MagnaLift and Power-Grip magnetic lift magnets can be found on loading docks, in steel mills, machine shops, manufacturing businesses, warehouses, foundries, and shipyards.  Our lifting products serve industries including Coil and Pipe Distributors, Heavy Construction Equipment, Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Primary Metals, Wind Energy, Aerospace, Marine, Rail, Automotive, Military, Bridge Builders, Highway and Street, Industrial Building, Steel Erection and Water, Sewer and Pipe.


Our MagnaLift series is our most versatile product line because it can easily be adapted with shoes or spreader beams for special lifting conditions.


Originating with the Sundstrand company in the 1940’s, the Power-Grip series is our best-selling, easiest to use lift magnets. 

Spare Parts

We sell a large amount of spare parts for all of our lift magnet lines to keep them working properly and safely. 


Our trained technicians are available to inspect lift magnets to accommodate our customer’s specifications and current safety standards.  If necessary, repairs can be made to most models.


Our Brand's Histories

Sundstrand Corp.-American Broach


In the late 1940's and early 1950's, Sundstrand Corporation engineers were developing a lifting magnet product line.  In 1954, the Power-Grip trademark was obtained and after that time, Sundstrand began marketing and selling their magnetic products with the Power-Grip brand name.

Hanchett Magna Lock

The Hanchett Magna-Lock Corporation began in 1948.  By 1961, patents were filed for magnet lifting devices and production of the MagnaLift product line began.



The MagnaLift lift magnet product line is the original lift magnets developed by Hanchett Magna-Lock Corporation.  This product line also included the Magna Dyne series of lift magnets.  In 1970 the company name was changed to Magna-Lock Corporation.

Hitachi Magna-Lock Corporation


In 1974, the Magna-Lock Corporation was purchased by Hitachi Metals American Ltd. and the Hitachi Magna-Lock Corporation name was now used.

Sundstrand Power-Grip


In 1975, Sundstrand Magnetic Product Co. in Belvidere, Illinois sold their Power-Grip lift magnet and magnetic product lines to Hitachi Magna-Lock Corporation where they joined with the current models.

Magnetic Specialties Corporation


In 1985, Bruce Cocklin, former Hitachi Magna Lock employee, purchased the lift magnet lines and formed Magnetic Specialties Corporation. In 2010, Magnetic Specialties Corporation closed its doors; the product lines are sold to Magna Lock USA, Inc. and moved to Rockford, Illinois.

Magna-Lock USA, Inc.


Magna-Lock USA, Inc. became the OEM for MagnaLift and Power-Grip lift magnets, spare parts and repairs when it purchased Magnetic Specialties Corporation in July 2010.

Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc.


In April 2018, Magna Lock USA, Inc. changed their name to Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc.  They are the OEM for spare parts, new equipment and service repairs of Magna-Lock USA, MagnaLift, Power-Grip and Arter Precision Grinding Machines.

MagnaLift and Power-Grip


In 2018, when Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. name change was implemented, the material handling products became a brand of the company and are identified as MagnaLift and Power-Grip.  This change was made to avoid confusion with the other brands at Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc.  The MagnaLift and Power-Grip logos were updated also at that time.

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