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A note about MagnaLift and Power-Grip lifting magnet repairs:


Many of the MagnaLift and Power-Grip lift magnets manufactured in the 1980's, and even earlier, are still in use today.  We are proud of the craftsmanship and durability of our below the hook products. Their long product life and rigid durability are just two of the many qualities of why our customers continue to come back to our products. 

Because of their long life, the electronic components found inside the control assemblies of older MagnaLift and Power-Grip magnets may have been obsoleted.  Several models have went through so many changes that the current generation that we manufacture today is number 4 or 5.


We offer, and strongly encourage, retrofit services for these models.  Due to the fact that many of our customers prefer to repair their magnets themselves in-house, we cannot provide warranty services on electrical components not installed by our technicians.  Furthermore, we cannot provide wiring diagrams or confidential assembly drawings for repairs to our lift magnets due to proprietary restrictions. 


While troubleshooting is available via phone or email for these matters, it is in the customer's best interest for safety of their operators that older magnets be repaired by our technicians in our facility.  For models manufactured after 2010, spare parts are available for installation by our customers.  To determine the age of your lift magnet, please contact our sales team with model and serial number of unit.  

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